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A free resource for Counselors to meet your mission of guiding students and families through post-secondary planning.

College and Career

Resource Library

The College and Career Resource Library is designed exclusively for Counselors, covering topics related to researching colleges, building applications, paying for college, and exploring career and other opportunities. 

Experts for Everyone includes experts like Sal Khan and Angela Duckworth sharing a tip with students for how to engage with adults to learn about their careers.

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School and College Counselors are at the center of an increasingly demanding process.

And in today’s world of information overload, we built the College and Career Resource Library to be a single source of expert information. We know you are the professionals. Our aim is to ensure you feel empowered and able to serve your students and their families.

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Custom Branded and Easily Shared

You remain the go-to resource. This free library enables you to share content quickly. You can even personalize the Library with your school branding.

Range of Topics for Everyone

Topics are designed to reach broad audiences and are organized under four themes: researching, applying to college, paying for colleges, and exploring career and other opportunities.

Regular Content Updates

Stay up to speed on the most recent and relevant changes. In today’s ever-changing landscape, we save you the effort of having to find the most recent expert advice and content.

A Single Resource

We have built a single source for a comprehensive collection of content and tools.

Expert Content

You can be confident that information you share comes from the best in the industry. Resources provided through the Library are provided by CGN and contain no advertisements.

High-quality Videos and Tools

You are a professional, and the information you share has to be professional, as well. Our team of admissions experts works with broadcast and production specialists to create content that covers the topics most often searched online by you, students and their families.

Professional Development

It is hard to stay up to speed on all that is changing. We offer on-demand programming exclusively for counselors. Watch them on your schedule when time allows.


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