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Featured Expert:   - Lynn O’Shaugnessy, Author of The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price Host:  - Mark Salisbury, Co-founder and CEO of TuitionFit Overview:  College affordability is not something that just comes up at application time. For 11th graders and their families, it needs to be part of the college exploration process. You and your family will begin having “the money talk.”  It’s a confusing and sometimes intimidating topic, but there are ways to gain clarity so your family can engage in a more informed search.  In this interactive Q&A, we’ll dispel common myths and also help you better understand:  - What tools and resources are available to help you understand your options - How to see beyond the sticker price and gain a better understanding of what you will pay - How to be financially realistic but also aspirational in your college search

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College Costs: Making Sense of it All

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College Costs: Making Sense of it All

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