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Featured Experts:  Heather Daniels, Executive Director of Admissions, Colorado State University; André Phillips, Director of Admissions & Recruitment, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Host: Brennan Barnard: Director of College Counseling, Khan Lab School

Overview: Maybe you’re an 11th grader just getting started with college planning. Or you’re a 12th grader nearing the finish line. Even if you’ve applied early, there is still lots of work to do besides just waiting for a decision. Whatever your situation, CGN has admission leaders ready to answer your questions live. Join us for an open-format Q&A, where the focus will be on you and your questions, on any aspect of the post-secondary journey.

About This Event

CGN Live: College — Straight Talk with Admission Leaders

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CGN Live: College — Straight Talk with Admission Leaders

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