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Featured Experts:

**Colin Diver, Author of "Breaking Ranks: How the Rankings Industry Rules Higher Education and What to Do about It."

**Michael Itzkowitz, Senior Fellow, Third Way; former Director of the College Scorecard

Host: Brennan Barnard: Director of College Counseling, Khan Lab School


Most rankings have a degree of subjectivity to them, right? So why do college rankings own such a large place in our dialogue about higher education? And how can families learn to focus less on what someone says is best and what is actually best for their student? In this live interactive Q&A, you’ll learn:

**What resources and data you should be emphasizing over rankings

**How to use rankings responsibly, if at all

**How many different kinds of rankings are out there

(Can't join us live? Don't worry. We'll send out a copy of the recording to all who register, regardless of whether you attend.)

**Schedule a demo:

For the counselors in our audience, if you're not already using CGN School, visit to learn more about this all-in-one-place resource to help you support students and their families.

About This Event

CGN Spotlight: The “Best” Rankings Webinar Ever

Wednesday, October 12th at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT

CGN Spotlight: The “Best” Rankings Webinar Ever

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