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The ACT is a two-hour-and-fifty-five minute standardized test used in the admissions process for colleges. The ACT has four multiple choice sections covering English, math, reading, and science. There is also an optional writing section, which would add 40 minutes to the testing time. Each section of the ACT is scored on a scale of 1-36. A composite score is determined by averaging all four sections. If you take the ACT more than once you may be able to use a superscore. A superscore is the average of your best scores from each subject from multiple test attempts. Some colleges are now test-optional, so review the testing policies for each of the colleges to which you plan to apply before submitting your final application. Testing accommodations, such as large print or extended time, are available to students with documented physical or learning disabilities. Depending on personal preference, college applicants typically take either the ACT or SAT; most colleges will accept either test. It costs money to take the ACT, but fee waivers are available to eligible students. 

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