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Featured Experts:

  • Ryan Hargraves, Executive Director, Student Recruitment and Admissions, University of Toronto

  • Tim Rogers, Vice President & Director of Enrollment Management, American University of Paris

Host: Brennan Barnard, Director of College Counseling, Khan Lab School

Do you want to immerse yourself in a different culture? Are you resourceful and curious? Then perhaps going to college abroad is the right path for you. In this interactive, live Q&A, two admission leaders will share the benefits and challenges that come with going to college outside the United States. They will tackle topics such as:

  • How is the application process different?

  • How does the cost compare to studying in the U.S.?

  • Do you need to commit to a major when you apply?

  • How does an international degree impact career choices?

  • Where to find out about all the options for international study

About This Event

Beyond Borders: Applying Abroad

Thursday, April 20 at undefined

Beyond Borders: Applying Abroad


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