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Featured Experts:

  • Robyn Lady - CEO, Standout College Apps; Member, NACAC; former Director of Student Services, Chantilly High School

  • Luis Portillo - Regional Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Mid-Atlantic, University of Rochester

Host: Michael Horn, Author, Choosing College; Co-Host, Future U Podcast


What will you do this summer? Our experts weigh in on how to design a summer that includes skill-building and work experience but leaves time for fun and relaxation. In this episode you will learn:

  • This summer’s jobs forecast for teens

  • How to identify and apply for jobs (paid and volunteer) in your community

  • The best online opportunities in career exploration and virtual internships

About This Event

CGN Live: Career — Make the Summer Work for You

Friday, January 13 at undefined

CGN Live: Career — Make the Summer Work for You


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