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Featured Experts:   - Ashley Pallie, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Caltech - Kevin Roose, Tech Columnist, New York Times Host: Brennan Barnard: Director of College Counseling, Khan Lab School Overview:  While much of the early reaction to ChatGPT has centered on the impact of AI-driven admission essays, the topic is so much deeper than that. AI poses both benefits and disadvantages in the admissions process. We’ll dive into this fast-developing topic with an interactive Q&A focussed on helping students and their supporters understand: - How will it change the way applications are evaluated? - What’s to be gained and lost by relying on AI for your college essay - How AI can assist in the college search

About This Event

College Admission in the Age of AI

Fri, Feb 24, 1:30 AM UTC

College Admission in the Age of AI


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