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Branding Your Library

The College Guidance Network ("CGN") Library can be branded by you for use in your school community.

Brand Your Library in Less Than 2 Minutes!

  1. When logged into your Library, click "Counselor Dashboard" on the main menu.

  2. Click "Library Tools" in the submenu. You will see the Library Settings section of your Dashboard and your current Library branding.

  3. To create or update your Library branding:

    1. Click the "Edit Header" button.

    2. If this is the first time you are branding your library, enter a name for your Library. To update your Library branding, highlight the current name and enter your desired new name. For example, the name you select may be the name of your school, your name, the name of your college and career program. For best results, limit the length of your name to 24 characters including spaces and punctuation.

    3. Uploading a logo always replaces the existing logo image be it the first time you upload a logo image or if you are updating a logo image. Click the "Upload Logo" button to upload your logo for the first time. Click "Upload New Logo" button to update your logo. For example, the logo you upload may be the logo for your school. Logo files are image files. The maximum file size is 300KB. For best results, upload a square image on a transparent or white background.

    4. Click the "Update" button.


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