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Library Home Page

The Library Home page is the front door to your Library, branded and shared by you as a trusted, free resource that your school community can rely on for relevant, expert information for college and career planning. The Home page provides a quick method for Searching the Library - similar to a Google search bar, access to resources that are Popular Now based upon usage of the Library, and the next upcoming free Event.

The Library Main menu provides easy navigation to Browse or Search for resources, to review and register for Events, or for Counselors to log in to their Library.

Library Main Menu
Library Main Menu

Home Page Search Bar

Library Search Bar
Library Search Bar

The Home page Search bar enables Library users a quick and easy way to type find resources of highest interest to them by simply entering a word or phrase. Clicking on the returned results opens the resource related to their request:

Library Search Bar Resource Results
Library Search Bar Resource Results

Popular Now

CGN continually curates resources in your Library. The Popular Now section of the Home page provides a ready access to carousel of those resources that have been reviewed most recently by all users of the Library.

Popular Now Resource Carousel
Popular Now Resource Carousel


The Events section of the Home page provides a quick reference to the next upcoming Event with link to "Learn More" about the Event.

Sharing Your Library

Access to your Library by your school community is free, and students and their family members will not need to create an account to access the Library resources. We invite you to share your Library with your school community using the "share" button on the Home page. For additional information and methods on sharing resources with your students and their families, visit our Support Center: Sharing Library Resources.


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