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Resource Catalog Updates

Resources in the College Guidance Network ("CGN") Catalog are continually managed for relevancy, currency and accuracy.

Retired Catalog Resources

From time-to-time, resources will be retired from the CGN Catalog based upon a rubric related to audience usage, currency of information, and other criteria. Notice of resource retirement will posted in the Support Center under Product Release Notes.

New Catalog Resources

On a regular basis, CGN is adding new resources to its Catalog. As those resources are introduced into our products, notice of new resources will be posted in the Support Center under Product Release Notes.

Notice of Catalog Updates

While at times, it is not practical to provide prior notice of changes to the CGN Catalog, every effort will be made to communicate changes in advance of them being made via email to registered users of our products. Please also see our Support center for catalog updates related to our products under Product Release Notes.


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