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6 items

1. Career Planning - Exploration
2. Career Planning - Assessment Tool
3. Talking to Adults About Their Careers
4. Sal Khan and Angela Duckworth on Careers
5. Career & Family Dynamic
6. Future-Ready: Starting to Bring Your Career into Focus

Types of Schools
6 items

1. Public Colleges
2. Private Colleges
3. A Closer Look at Community Colleges
5. Liberal Arts

College Visits
3 items

1. Questions to Ask Colleges
2. Campus Visits and Demonstrated Interest
3. College Visit Kit

3 items

1. Thinking About College Majors
2. Advice for Undecided Majors
3. Picking Senior Year Classes with Intended Major in Mind

Finding Your Fit
3 items

1. Elements to Finding Fit
2. Factors that go into determining fit
3. Family Dynamics: Who's in the Driver's Seat?

6 items

1. Financial Aid and College Affordability
2. College Costs
3. What is financial fit?
4. Discussing Finances at the Start of the College Search
5. Considering Financial Aid When Choosing a Decision Plan
6. Money Matters: College Affordability & Financial Aid

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