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Library Counselor Dashboard

The College Guidance Network ("CGN") built the College and Career Resource Library to be a single source of expert information for use by Counselors. Our aim is to ensure Counselors feel empowered and able to better serve their community of students and families. The Counselor Dashboard page of the Library is only accessible to Counselors who have registered for the Library, created an account, and logged into their Library.

One of the most valuable features to Counselors is the ability to share their Library resources with their community The share link for the Counselor to their Library is presented prominently at the top of the Counselor Dashboard and provides an easy method to copy the link for their Library. We also recommend that Counselors bookmark their Library link in their browser for easy and quick access to their Library.

Counselor Support

Counselor Support includes 3 resources of value to Counselors:

  • On-demand Professional Development - The CGN Catalog includes resources developed for Counselor on topics of interest

  • Counseling Tools - CGN has included 2 resources as a ready reference for Counselors to answer frequently asked questions about college affordability. The Go-to-Guide is a comprehensive resource designed as an introduction to the topic of college affordability that Counselors can share via email, via text, posted to a website, or shared as a link in their college planning systems. The Money FAQs is curated a list of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on money and finances related to the college and career planning process.

  • Products and Services - CGN offers Counselors and their school communities other products and services in support of post-secondary planning. CGN provides information on those products and services as well as an easy method to learn more them. Additional Go-to-Guides and FAQs are available through other CGN products and services.

Library Tools

The Counselor Dashboard also provides Counselors access to the following Library tools:

  • Library Settings - CGN understands the need for Counselors to brand resources for their school community. See this Support Center article for detailed information on Branding Your Library.

  • Technical Support - CGN offers on-demand support for the Library via the Support Center. Click the Support Center button to access the Support Center for the Library. If you need assistance you can not find in the Support Center, or would like to submit a content or feature request, click the button to submit a Support Request.

My Account

The Library My Account enables Counselors to manage the limited amount of personal information that CGN hosts related to their Library user account. See this Support Center on Updating Your Library Account Information.


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