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Welcome to the CGN Library

The College Guidance Network ("CGN") offers the Library as a free resource for Counselors to meet the mission of guiding students and families for post-secondary planning, and keeping up with the ever-changing landscape.

The Library is designed exclusively for Counselors, covering topics related to researching colleges, building college applications, paying for college, and exploring career and other opportunities, and transitioning from high school to college.

Counselors are at the center of an increasingly demanding process. We know growing caseloads, increasing health and wellness needs and demands of students’ parents and guardians make it challenging for you to meet the needs of students and families on this important journey. And in today’s world of information overload, we built the College and Career Resource Library to be a single source of expert information. We know you are the professionals. Our aim is to ensure you feel empowered and able to fulfill on your role.

We invite you to register for and experience the Library and welcome your feedback on it usability and value to your school community.


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The College Guidance Network ("CGN") built the College and Career Resource Library to be a single source of expert information for use by Counselors. Our aim is to ensure Counselors feel empowered and


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